Exporting means selling goods and services from one country to another. This process is one of the main factors of international trade and global economy. Export can include all kinds of products from manufactured goods, artifacts, technical to specialized services, industrial equipment, etc.

The most important reason for exporting is to increase sales to international markets and earn foreign currency. Countries may engage in exports for reasons such as producing more than domestic needs, the ability to provide specific products or advanced technologies, the need to expand target markets and earn more money. Also, exporting can help exchange technology, promote brand name and increase international reputation.


What is the export service like?

Petroleum products

The export of petroleum products includes the sale of products that are refined from crude oil. These refined petroleum products include gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, diesel,  liquefied natural gas (LNG), ammonia and other petroleum products. This operation has an important export in the energy industry and global economy and helps to balance energy supply and global trade.


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