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Address of Central office

Second floor, unit 4, No. 67, between 16th and 18th alleys, Sanai St., Qaem Mogham Farahani St., Tehran

Working hours

Saturday to Wednesday 08:00 to 17:00

Thursday 08:00 to 12:00


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Jahan Sir Traber Company, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of transportation, export and import, is ready to cooperate with you. If you need, you can contact us through the form on this page.

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    Address of our branches

    Bandar Anzali

    Branch management : Siamak Mirzai

    Address: Anzali Port Free Trade Zone Customs

    Email: anzali@jahanseirtarabar.com


    Branch management: Mr. Arash Dolatzadeh

    Phone: 01344824572

    Address: Astara, Hakim Nizami intersection, Kargar shopping center, first floor, unit 5

    Email: astara@jahanseirtarabar.com


    Branch management: Mr. Arash Atash Bahar

    Email: Bashmaq Customs, Parsian Building, Ground Floor, Unit 134

    Email: bashmagh@jahanseirtarabar.com


    Branch management: Mr. Mohammad Milan


    Email: bazargan@jahanseirtarabar.com

    Parviz Khan

    Branch management: Mr. Delshad Bal Afan

    Phone Number: 08342423856

    Address: Qasr Shirin, Karbala Road, above Maskan Bank, in front of Police 10+

    Email: parvizkhan@jahanseirtarabar.com

    Bandar Imam

    Branch management: Mr. Saeed Atesh Bahar

    Email: bik@jahanseirtarabar.com


    Branch management: Mr. Sajjad Ghaibi

    Phone Number: 05146623104

    Address: Lotfabad, Soleimani Passage, ground floor

    Email: lotfabad@jahanseirtarabar.com

    Bandar Abbas

    Branch management: Mr. Hossein Sartangi

    Address: Bandar Abbas, Yadboud Square, facing 20 Koi Pirouzi, Seyed Building, 1st floor, Unit 1

    Email: rajaee@jahanseirtarabar.com