Jahan Sir Trabar International Transport Company


Jahan Sir Trabar International Transportation is one of the pioneers in the field of transportation in Iran, which has been operating in the field of transit, import and export with more than several years of experience since 1375 and using experience, knowledge and technology. Day of the World provides quality and reliable transportation services to its customers.

This company operates in the field of transportation of fuel, household appliances, food and other goods needed by its customers, and with a wide network of business partners around the world, it provides reliable and fast transportation services at a competitive price.

With a team of experienced forwarding and courier experts, Jahan Sir Traber Company provides land (road and rail), air and sea transportation solutions for each customer depending on their needs.

Also, by using advanced and efficient transportation systems, this company has an active representative in the countries of Central Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Africa, and Europe, and transits goods in all land, air, and sea areas. customers.


Our rules and regulations

Transportation safety
  • Determining the characteristics of vehicles and drivers

  • Tips for dealing with accidents

Workers' rights
  • Ensuring fair wages and decent working conditions
the environment
  • Improving fuel efficiency and reducing air pollution
  • Transportation conditions of dangerous products for environmental protection
  • Protecting the transportation of dangerous products and preventing security threats
Traffic control and management
  • Reducing traffic and preventing accidents

Due to the importance of laws and regulations in the field of transportation and transit, governments and international organizations should carefully try to update and revise these laws to keep up with the changes and new needs of society. Also, they should try to implement these rules and regulations correctly and in case of violation, apply appropriate punishments to the violators.

In developing countries, the implementation of laws and regulations in the field of transportation and transit still faces problems. In order to solve these problems, according to the needs of the society, efforts should be made to solve problems such as lack of sufficient infrastructure, lack of financial and human resources, and lack of cooperation between different organizations for the implementation of laws and regulations.

Finally, considering the importance of transportation and transit in the economic and commercial development of countries, it is necessary for governments and different organizations to focus on improving the quality and safety of this area, instead of trying to adjust the volume of transportation. Also, they should try to carry out transportation and transit in a smart and sustainable way, with high quality and with the least possible impact on the environment, with the cooperation and coordination between different organizations.

Our company is one of the leaders in the field of import, export and transportation. With years of experience in this industry, we act as your main partner in international trade. We create a memorable trading experience by committing to providing efficient services and solutions tailored to your needs.


Our history


What we have done for these years!

+15Years of experience
+260Transfer to countries
+300Transfer projects
+450Satisfied customers

Getting to know the team of experts

We are professionals and we work together.


Mike King

Founder, Director

Rose Bruna

Support Manager

Jack McClaister

Transportation Manager

Sara Young

Transport Managar