Import means the arrival of goods and services from another country to the destination country. This process is considered as one of the important factors in international trade and global economy. Imports can include various products such as consumer goods, machinery, fuel, raw materials, industrial equipment and various services.

The most important reason for import is to meet domestic needs. Countries may import for reasons such as insufficient domestic production, the inability to produce certain goods, or the need to import technology and know-how. Also, import can be done in order to diversify the domestic market and provide quality products at reasonable prices to consumers.


What is the import service like?

Home Appliances

The import of household appliances includes the import of goods and appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. To import home appliances, companies and stores usually contact foreign suppliers and negotiate pricing, terms of sale, and delivery of goods.

Heavy Machinery

This import includes machinery and equipment used in heavy industries such as mining, construction, road construction, transportation and other related industries. These machines may include excavators, bulldozers, cranes, loaders, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, heavy trucks and other equipment.


The import of machinery includes the entry of all kinds of machinery and industrial equipment into country. These machines can be used in various industries such as manufacturing, construction,  automotive, electronics and other industries. The import of machinery is usually done in order to meet the production and industrial needs of countries from foreign markets.


The import of tractors or heavy trucks includes the entry of all types of heavy transport vehicles into a country. These vehicles are usually used to carry heavy and large loads, such as containers, building materials, food, petroleum products and other heavy loads. Killers are imported from foreign markets to countries.

Food and edibles

Food and edible imports include the import of food products and raw materials used in the food industry from one country to another. These materials include agricultural products, livestock products, marine products, processed food products and other materials used in food production.


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